Our client, IMpress rent a car, were very specific when they contacted us.

They wanted a website that would show the community at large the excellent cars, prices and services they had to offer.

This is their terrific site.

Each model car was given its very own directory and table of contents outlining the automobile specs, the dates the car is available for rent and a down-to-the-dime price estimate.

Renting a car was never so easy, or fun!

The “About” page lists some of the wonderful things we had the pleasure of learning while working with the team at IMpres.

They made sure that the “Customer Service” section is the best we have, with easy contact information that leads directly to the IMpres Customer Service Team, who are immensely dedicated and ready to serve.

We truly outdid ourselves with this one.

It was a wonderful experience and we had the chance to meet all the wonderful people at IMpres.

Check out the website and be “impressed”!

New Vision Media is ready and eager to meet all you website needs.

Weather you have a business, product or service, our team of professionals relish the opportunity to help you build a site custom tailored to your needs.

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